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Toyota Camry has Superior Dynamics Package

Toyota's new Camry takes the mid-sized sedan to a new level of driving enjoyment.

Toyota New Zealand General Manager of Product Planning, Neeraj Lala said "This new Camry is dynamically superior to the current car in every way, and it feels great on the road. It's well suited to New Zealand roads and will give our customers a sense of fun and also security. For the first time, we're confident calling Camry a true driver's car."

Performance in braking, ride and handling has been improved.


The new chassis package was designed to provide increased stability and agility, coupled with a flat ride, offering a quality feel with improved steering response.

Camry has a new aerodynamic package, increased body and steering system rigidity, newly adopted electric power steering and improved tyre performance.

Built in Australia, the new chassis package in this Camry was tuned by local engineers to suit the driving tastes of New Zealand and Australian drivers, and the local road conditions.

Camry's new body has 20 per cent more rigidity in the front suspension mounting sections, thanks to changes in the upper cowl design.

The increased body rigidity allows force generated by the tyres to be transmitted to the body without delay, improving handling stability. This allowed the dampers to be recalibrated for increased ride comfort.

Camry's new tyres reduce rolling resistance and increase grip in wet and dry conditions. They also increase steering feedback while reducing noise, vibration and harshness.


Camry has all new steering, with electric power assistance included for the first time on petrol models and new steering hardware.

Steering installation rigidity has been increased to improve initial yaw response, agility and steering feel.

Special attention has been paid to the mounting section for the steering gear to enhance rigidity.

The new Camry has column mounted electric power assisted steering (EPS), with state of the art control logic for smooth and stable steering.

It also helps prevent the vehicle from drifting, providing good steering stability and feel, and easy steering correction.

A new steering feedback control system ensures optimal steering feedback and return speed for the vehicle speed. This provides faster steering return at low speeds and firmer adjustment at high speeds. The steering feedback is light at low vehicle speed for easier parking and manoeuvring and firmer at high speeds for safe, confident and enjoyable highway driving.


A range of aerodynamic improvements increase down-force while maintaining front/rear balance.

Camry's new upper body aerodynamics include the stabilising air flow fins on the exterior mirror mount - a Toyota first. Camry also has a new fin on the rear combination lamp to increase stability.

The new under body parts include front and rear under cover fins to increase airflow velocity under the car, creating more down force.

The overall result of the steering and aerodynamic improvements is a flatter ride - with reduced floating feeling - and increased grip generated by the tyres, improving steering response and rear end stability.