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Advanced Equipment and Comfort From Hybrid Camry



Hybrid Camry offers the best of both worlds, balancing the advanced Hybrid Synergy Drive system with a spacious and comfortable interior. Hybrid Camry looks and feels like a conventional car inside, making the transition into a hybrid effortless.


Toyota's Hybrid Camry provides the interior space and storage capacity demanded by customers of mid-size cars.

Toyota New Zealand General Manager of Sales and Operations, Steve Prangnell said, "Camry is renowned for its spacious cabin and the hybrid car has been delivered with exactly the same roominess for passengers".

"The boot space, even with the hybrid batteries, provides 389 litres of luggage room - ample for a family holiday or for carrying up to four sets of golf clubs."

The hybrid battery is stored in a compact space behind the rear seats while the power unit is neatly stored under the bonnet.

In addition, the rear seat retains its 60/40 split-fold function and there is access from the boot into the cabin for carrying longer items such as skis, Mr Prangnell said.

Hybrid Camry is driven in the same was as a conventional car. That's why all vehicle controls and functions are laid out in the same way as the petrol-only Camry models.


Inside, there are several features that hint to the advanced technology beneath of surface of Hybrid Camry.

Cool blue 'hybrid' highlights on the instrument panel dials and fuel efficiency meters set Hybrid Camry apart from its conventional counterparts, as do the 'Hybrid' scuff plates.

"Designers have visually highlighted fuel efficiency, so drivers can experience and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from driving a hybrid vehicle with fuel saving technology," Mr Prangnell said.

"These visual displays have been shown to produce significant reductions in fuel use and therefore emissions."

The Hybrid Camry instrument panel was purpose designed for the vehicle, with an instantaneous fuel economy meter, Eco Drive Level display and Eco-zone display.

In place of a conventional tachometer, Hybrid Camry has an instantaneous fuel economy meter. This gives immediate feedback on current fuel usage, as well as highlighting instances when the vehicle is running in EV - or Electric Vehicle - mode. During these times, the petrol engine is stopped and Hybrid Camry is being driven only by the electric motor, using no fuel and emitting zero emissions.

The Eco Drive Level display consists of two blue rings, surrounding the instantaneous fuel economy meter and the speedometer, as well as a description screen inside the multi-information display. The blue rings change brightness in four stages to visually represent the average fuel economy level. This eco drive level is also displayed graphically on the multi-information display screen.

The Eco-zone display helps to show the relationship between instant and average fuel consumption by visually representing average fuel economy within the instantaneous fuel economy meter.

An energy flow meter, similar to that offered in Prius, has also been added to the multi-information display. The flow of energy from the battery, motor, engine and tyres is instantly shown, as is the hybrid battery capacity.

For Hybrid Camry i-Tech models, an additional energy flow meter is displayed on a large, touch-screen display.


Hybrid Camry combines the comfort and equipment level expected of a Camry with advanced technology designed to reduce fuel consumption.

Hybrid Camry features the same comfortable seats as the standard Camry. Fabric trim is offered on the entry model while the i-Tech has power-adjustable leather seats.

Hybrid Camry i-Tech has an electrochromatic inside rear view mirror which automatically adjusts to reduce the blinding glare of following drivers' headlights.

This model also has rain-sensing windscreen wipers.


Hybrid Camry connects you with the outside world thanks to Bluetooth handsfree compatibility and the latest audio connectivity.

All models feature a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack for the connection of portable audio devices.

The entry level Hybrid Camry model also offers a USB connection and wireless access to music via the Bluetooth system. Portable MP3 players can also be recharged while connected to the USB jack, giving you hours of audio playback without draining the batteries.

Both Hybrid Camry models offer Bluetooth handsfree phone connection when used with a compatible mobile phone.

Audio controls are available on the steering wheel for all models, with Bluetooth phone controls added for the i-Tech model.

The entry level Hybrid Camry audio system features a six disc MP3/WMA compatible CD changer with 6 speakers for hours of audio playback.

Hybrid Camry i-Tech has an eight speaker system with four disc CD changer, fully integrated 7" touch screen system and satellite navigation.

This DVD based satellite navigation system covers over 99% of New Zealand roads with various points of interest and thousands of addresses pre-loaded.

Both Hybrid Camry models have a reversing camera and rear parking sensors for safe and easy parking manoeuvres.


Both grades have a dual zone climate controlled air conditioning system, allowing the driver and front passenger to set their own preferred temperature.

For greater comfort, convenience and fuel efficiency, Hybrid Camry has an electrically powered air conditioning system. This helps to maintain cooling performance, even when the petrol engine is switched off.

Because there are situations in which the petrol engine in Hybrid Camry completely shuts down, the air conditioning system is driven electrically. An 'ECO' button limits energy consumption by the climate control system and under certain conditions can help improve fuel economy.


Hybrid Camry has a smart entry and start system that allows the driver to lock, unlock and start the vehicle without using the ignition key or transmitter button.

The system detects the key when it is within proximity of the vehicle.

This feature is especially useful when carrying items to the vehicle.

All the driver needs is one hand free to touch the inside of the front door handle while having their keys in their pocket, and the door will open.

Alternatively, when the driver presses the lock switch on the front door handle, the vehicle is automatically locked.

The boot can be opened with the press of the release button on the boot lid.

Once inside Hybrid Camry, depressing the brake pedal and pressing the dashboard mounted start button will enable the vehicle to be started without using an ignition key.

For security against theft, all models have an engine immobiliser and alarm system.