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Service Plus

Petrol Engine (From RRP*)

Diesel Engine (From RRP*)

A comprehensive service for Toyota owners including those still within their warranty period. Your vehicle is presented back to you fully checked and ready to go.

All work is undertaken by trained Toyota technicians, with Toyota Genuine Parts, and includes full electronic health and warranty checks. We will also adapt your service to ensure we include any additional requirements that may be needed at certain time or kilometre milestones.  Your service advisor will explain these to you before any work is done. 

Simply request your service using the simple form below. We'll then arrange to meet with you to talk through what you want done, and give you a detailed quote.


Servicing and Conditions
Because we don’t know the condition of your vehicle or the number of kilometres it has travelled we have shown the base RRP here. This is calculated using our easy to follow service menu and service schedules. To see these please click on the following links:

Service Menu Pricing  /  Petrol Service Schedule   /    Diesel Service Schedule

The service menu consists of recommended retail prices and is available at most authorised Toyota dealerships. The service team at our nationwide network will be happy to discuss your needs based on important factors such as safety, reliability, and the protection of your vehicles re-sale value. 

* If additional work is required, we will quote these separately and check you are happy with our recommendation and the quote before undertaking any work. Some vehicles may require additional grooming at the customers cost.

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Petrol Engine (From RRP*) - $260 Diesel Engine (From RRP*) - $315
Drive belts inspection x x
Engine oil and filter replacement x x
Fuel tank cap, lines and connection inspection x x
Air filter element inspection x x
Air conditioning system operation inspection x x
Cabin air filter inspection x x
Cooling and heater system hoses inspection x x
Coolant, power steering, brake and clutch fluid levels inspection x x
Computer electronic health check including sensors, communication and diagnostic systems x x
Battery inspection x x
Brake inspection including; Brake pedal and parking brake, front and rear brake pads, discs and drums, all pipes and hoses. x x
Steering wheel, linkage, rack, rubber boots x x
Ball joint and dust cover x x
Propeller shaft grease and bolt tighten x x
Wheel bearing condition x x
Fluid Levels inspection for transmission and transfer case x x
Front and rear suspension components inspection x x
Tyre condition inspection including tyre pressure and wheel nut torque x x
Body and under body/chassis condition inspection x x
Valves (sensory) inspection x x
Drive shaft joints and boots inspection x x
Electrical equipment operation inspection including lights and windscreen wipers x x
Road test x x
Additions dependent on km and time: Brake and clutch fluid replacement, front and rear diff oil, fuel filter, transmission fluid, spark plugs (petrol only) transfer oil, coolant and timing belt. x x

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