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About Toyota

Toyota has held a special place in the hearts and minds of New Zealanders for generations. It's probably because we believe in the same things that you do. We love working hard, doing our bit, and never being satisfied until we've got the job right. We do this every day through the reliability of our vehicles and the kind of high quality service we strive to provide. And if we can put a smile on a few faces while we're at it, then all the better.

Toyota In New Zealand

Toyota's New Zealand headquarters are in Palmerston North and we have an extensive group of Authorised Toyota Dealerships and Parts and Service Agents located nationwide. Whilst we’re part of a larger global organisation Toyota New Zealand (TNZ) remains very much a local company committed to New Zealand customers.

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Olympics & Paralympics

We are wholeheartedly committed to unleashing human potential through the power of movement, which is why we are a proud Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Driving Innovation

Whether it be alternative energy sources, interconnected traffic & safety systems, human assisting robots or new modes of personal transport, Toyota is constantly focused on developing for the future.

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Toyota Believe: Our Values

'Believe' is a big word. It stands for faith in the things you love the most. A belief that good people can and will make great things happen. It's pretty easy for most New Zealanders to understand, because it's inherent in the Kiwi way. Our natural ability to rise to any challenge and tackle it head-on, put our backs into it, smile and say: ‘No worries. We can do that. It’s not a problem.'

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Believe Magazine

In this issue we pay respect to 40 years of service from our retiring CEO Alistair Davis, we bring in some great parenting advice from lessons learned in Lockdown and so much more - we're sure there will be something that will appeal to you.

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Our Community

With the underlying philosophy of respecting others, the entire Toyota team works on a basis of mutual trust and co-operation. For us, Team really does mean: Together Everyone Achieves More. 

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At Toyota NZ we believe if you can dream it, you can do it! We’re proud to support the following events & activities within New Zealand.

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Toyota New Zealand proudly lends its support with one aim: growing and supporting the best of New Zealand life.

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Our Ambassadors are a talented group of inspirational New Zealanders who represent some of the things we believe in most. Things like dedication, hard work, a sense of fun, and the will to go that little bit further to make something exceptional happen. 

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