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Sustaining our environment for future generations


Fishing is in Matt Watson’s blood. He’s been enjoying reeling them in his whole life, but as time went on he became more concerned about whether his children and grandchildren would be able to enjoy the same healthy and abundant ocean. That’s why Matt focused on conveying a message of sustainability, encouraging his fellow fishers to treat our waters with respect and ensure we can all enjoy their bounty for generations to come.


The bigger picture, not the biggest fish

As a staunch conservationist, Matt believes in responsible conservation of fish stocks – which can spur some surprising decisions. For example, most fishers dream of taking home ‘the big one’, but when Matt catches a large mature fish, he’ll often release it so it has a chance to reproduce.


Fishing with the future in mind is part of Matt’s philosophy of staying connected to where our food comes from, recognising how lucky we are to have such bountiful waters and treating the ocean with respect. For him, fishing is more than just a way to fill his belly – it nourishes the soul too.

Sharing catches to cut waste

Matt’s holistic approach to ocean resources extends beyond just maintaining fish populations, through to ensuring catches are used as efficiently as possible. As part of this mantra, Matt works closely with the Kai Ika Project to reduce waste by distributing fish offcuts to families and community groups who prize these parts of the fish for cooking.


To build on his work with the Kai Ika Project Matt launched the Free Fish Heads App, a platform built to connect those looking to dispose of fish heads and frames with those looking for a sustainable meal. So far, this project has diverted more than 190,000kg of fish parts from the waste stream, and helped form lifelong friendships between anglers and the wider community through shared food and experiences.

Moving towards a better future

Toyota is also taking steps today to help shape a better tomorrow for all. We’re striving for greater sustainability by developing more vehicles that use clean energy and working to become carbon neutral by 2050. We’re even shaping the future of sustainable mobility with advances in hydrogen powered vehicles designed to make going places cleaner and greener.


Dr Michelle Dickinson

As a renowned engineer and nanotechnologist, plus a bestselling author, Michelle is paving the way for greater gender diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) fields for the next generation.


Cam Calkoen

Cam overcame the challenges Cerebral Palsy presented to become an athlete, adventurer and inspirational speaker, and mobility advocate for people with disabilities.