Quickfire korero - Ryan Wood

ryan korero (940 x 450)

Driver Name:     Ryan Wood

Car Number: 40

Championship position:  3rd  

Why were you attracted to the category: ​

Because of the hard close racing throughout the whole field and level of competition this year.

Season highlight:

Overall being able to fight for race wins and racing hard at every round with top rated drivers like Rowan Shepherd and Simon Evans.

Season lowlight: ​

The last race of the season and getting a puncture and not being able to end the season on a positive note.

What you enjoyed most about the championship: 

The fair racing throughout the whole field and being able to learn from everyone involved.

Why you would recommend it to another driver: ​

I would recommend the 86 championship because the racing is fair and everyone can learn of others because of the shared data.

Something valuable you learned as a driver in the Best Bars championship: 

How to place my car in the right situations because of the especially in the reverse grid races and how to focus on myself during a race and not look in my mirrors

Plans for next year? ​

Nothing’s 100% finalised but we have a car for the endurance season and I am just trying to find the extra funds to get it all rolling!