Quickfire korero - Simon Evans

simon korero (940 x 450)

Driver Name:     Simon Evans

Car Number: 4

Championship position:  2nd

Season highlight: ​

Recovering to win the last round after qualifying seventh due to an issue we found with slightly bent suspension.  

Season lowlight: ​

No lowlight, I'm out there racing a car doing what I love. 

What you enjoyed most about the championship: ​

The close nature of the battles. I had some great, hard and fair battles with the guys who I was fighting that championship with in Rowan Shephard and Ryan Wood but also at some point had a great race almost every driver in the field. At times you could throw a blanket over the three of us we were that close. That was enjoyable.

Why you would recommend it to another driver: ​

It's a great championship to help develop race craft and general speed. You get to analyse the data from the fastest driver after practice and qualifying. It's a great tool as the data doesn't lie. If you work hard to understand this early in your career it's a big help moving forward to the next progression - whatever your career direction may be.

Something valuable you learned as a driver in the Best Bars championship: ​

Every single race result is key. I missed out on the championship by the smallest of margins. Yes, I almost did it in the last lap and won but looking back I won five out of the 15 races which was great, but this means I had 10 other opportunities to score more points.

Ryan Wood won the most races with six wins but ended up 3rd in the championship, and Rowan won three races and won the Championship. That just highlights that your consistency and maximising your points in every race is vital for a championship.  

Plans for next year? ​Endurance racing over the winter. Beyond that is work in progress.