Environmental Policy

Toyota Gazoo Racing New Zealand (TGRNZ) are committed to protecting the environment, the safety of our employees and the health of the communities where we conduct our business.

  • TGRNZ develop race vehicles using ‘life cycle analysis’ which minimises their environmental impacts during production, use on the track and eventual disposal;

  • TGRNZ will work closely with their suppliers and contractors to encourage sustainable and environmental business practices.

  • TGRNZ are independently audited to the Bronze level of Toitū enviromark to ensure high standards of environmental performance and a safe work place;

  • TGRNZ conduct our business in compliance with all relevant local, regional and national regulations and industry codes;

  • TGRNZ have identified our environmental risks and impacts and apply continuous improvement to reduce them in our operations including:
  • Regularly reviewing options around use of low emission fuels;
  • The efficient use of energy, resources and water;
  • Preventing pollution and reducing waste;
  • The safe removal, storage, handling, recycling and disposal of hazardous materials; and
  • Procedures to avoid and correct accidents or spillages;

  • TGRNZ have appointed Bruce Airey as our ‘Environmental Champion’ to regularly review and continually improve our operations and environmental performance;

  • TGRNZ aim to raise the environmental understanding and actions of our employees, contractors and suppliers with appropriate information, training and support.

This Policy is communicated to all employees and others working at our sites (e.g. contractors), and made available to interested parties. Our management team is committed to ensuring high standards of environmental management across all premises, operations and employees.

All our employees are accountable for complying with this Policy.


Andrew Davis- General Manager Motorsport
Date 28th October 2021


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Sustainability at Toyota New Zealand

As a trusted brand, we are in a privileged position to influence New Zealand’s society positively. Toyota New Zealand has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, and recognise we have a large environmental and social footprint.