TOYOTA GAZOO Racing New Zealand 86 Scholarship - ENTRIES ARE OPEN!

Starting out in motor racing is a tricky business. For many drivers, having the skills alone is not always enough to make that first step. In fact, just raising the money to buy a car, let alone run it is a massive task and a huge undertaking.

The Scholarship

The TGRNZ 86 Scholarship focuses on developing a driver’s race craft, car skills as well as the skills such as media, marketing and fitness. This will help to support them as they develop as a young driver and take those important steps in what is hopefully a long career in this exciting industry.

The TGRNZ Scholarship includes:

- One year TR 86 car lease (worth $25,000) to compete in the 2021 Best Bars Toyota 86 Championship

- Entry and registration fees (worth $9,000) to all five rounds of the 2021 Toyota 86 Championship

- Complimentary hospitality passes to each championship round (Excluding V8 Supercars round).

- Mentoring

Total value = $34,000

Assessment Day

Assessment Day

All entrants must submit their application form by Sunday 16th of November 2020 for consideration.

Once these have been processed, eligible candidates will be selected and are required to attend an assessment at Hampton Downs on Monday 23rd of November 2020. There will be a number of core criteria used to assess the entrants.


The Selection Process

To assess these criteria, the entrants will be put through a series of ‘tests’ to evaluate their abilities in these areas.

What's involved

​Media skills – drivers will be required to undergo a mock TV interview where they will be asked a series of control questions designed to see how they are able to convey themselves.

Basic health and fitness evaluation test – this will provide us with the individual information to see if a driver has a good base level of health and fitness. A key component that is required for a driver to operate at a high level throughout the duration of a race. A standard Beep test will be used.
On track driving assessment (2 x 15mins) – this is one of the main elements of the assessment day. The on-track driving assessment will require the drivers to undergo a number of lapping sessions on track both with and without an instructor. The observation of the driver will allow us to see how they handle a car on-track and their ability to use the correct areas of a track at the right time

Personal interview with Best Bars Toyota 86 Championship Category Manager Geoff Short.​​

The judges will be looking for not only pure talent but also the skills, passion and dedication to determine who really has what it takes to become a professional racing driver.