Milligan fights back

Jack Milligan 940x450

Christchurch driver Jack Milligan put in a forceful but clean drive to take the first Toyota 86  Championship race of round four at Teretonga.

Jaden Ransley, 16, had secured pole for this race the final 86 race of the weekend and went out with determination to retain his position, but it was not to be.

Rather, Jack Milligan – one of two drivers in the CareVets racing team – would hunt Ranley down remorselessly over the opening half dozen laps.

While Jack Milligan, Tom Alexander, Connor Adam and Michael Scott are all in contention for the title, Ransley impressed the crowd by taking a dual pole across two timed sessions. He has pole for race three tomorrow afternoon.

Toyota 86 Championship round four, race one

1 Jack Milligan

2 Jaden Ransley

3 Michael Scott

4 Jordan Baldwin

5 Bramwell King

6 Peter Vodanovich

7 Sam Wright

8 Sam Wallace

9 Connor Adam

10 Tom Alexander