Milligan extends lead

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Christchurch driver Jack Milligan has extended his lead in the Toyota 86 Championship with victory in today's opening race at Manfeild's Circuit Chris Amon.

Milligan and Bramwell King made an all-CareVets Racing front row for the 10 lap race and though King slipped back, the pair ended up first and second with star rookie Peter Vodanovich third.

The race was disrupted in its closing laps when Jordan Baldwin crashed at the infield hairpin, dragging championship contender Connor Adam with him.

The crash brought out the safety car as the Baldwin TR 86 was recovered by flatbed truck.

Baldwin said afterward his foot had slipped between brake and accelerator as he set the car for the corner and he couldn't brake.

"I've never had that happen before. I couldn't get my foot back up to brake, and then it was too late. Really sorry that the crash affected Connor's race too, he was going well."

The car finished up in the tyre barrier with its front right suspension torn off.

As Baldwin's car was recovered, Adam regained the track with his car's left side smashed in and completed the race at the rear of the field. The damage to the but has less work ahead to rejoin the championship tomorrow morning.

The race finished under the safety car. Tomorrow the cars return to the track for a partial reverse grid race at 12.19.

Toyota 86 Championship race one

Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon

1 Jack Milligan

2 Bramwell King

3 Peter Vodanovich

4 Michael Scott

5 Jaden Ransley

6 Jacob Smith

7 Sam Wright

8 Brock Gilchrist

9 Connor Adam

10 Jordan Baldwin