Thomas Mallard

Car Number: 8

Age: 16
Home town: Auckland
Date of Birth: 24/03/2007

Team: Crème Racing

Mallard was one of the stars in the second half of the 2023 championship, gaining confidence and speed and ending the season as a solid top ten runner. 


He’s been hard at work to maintain that rate of improvement and begin the new season in November as a title contender in his RaceLab run TR86. 


“We have been doing a lot of testing in the off-season going to all the tracks that the championship will visit next season,” he explained.


“I have also been doing a lot of work fitness wise as that is one of the things that I struggled with most last season.  We are also working with RaceLab full time this year after we saw significant improvement from when they started to run me last year. 


“I have been and will continue to develop my driving technique with Callum Hedge too. He’s been a huge help.”