Competing in the Series

CTRS is a well-recognised highly competitive “one design” single seater racing series that provides competitors with a unique “KIWI” racing experience.

CTRS has an impressive list of graduates who have gone on to further their careers in higher level series, many of them now compete at the highest levels in motorsport around the world.


CTRS currently runs over five consecutive weekends from Mid-January to mid-February, each of the five events include a minimum of 5 x 30 minute practice sessions on Thursday/Friday plus qualifying and 3 races over Saturday and Sunday. Total competitive mileage over the series between practice and race is approx. 3000kms.  

CTRS Teams

There are currently four multi car teams who are contracted by the series to run drivers. All cars and engines are prepared at Toyota Racing NZ base prior to the series to ensure they are all ready to start the series equalised. CTRS teams are then responsible for the maintenance and preparation of each car for the duration of the series. 


The CTRS car is a bespoke designed chassis supplied by Tatuus in Italy, the FT50  is built to FIA F3 safety standards and has same physical dimensions as a current F3 car. Some important features include Magneti Marelli paddle shift system, Sadev gearbox, Brembo F3 brake package, Motec electronics, Aim onboard cameras, F3 wheel and tyre package.


Toyota’s well proven all alloy 2ZZ engine produces a reliable 215 HP. All CTRS engines are owned and maintained by Toyota New Zealand and are leased to the teams on a per season basis. At the end of each season the engines are stripped, rebuilt and then dynamometer tuned to ensure performance is equal. Spare engines are carried to each round of the series by Toyota Racing and in the very unlikely event a replacement engine is required a replacement is immediately available.In the rare event of a failure and is not attributable to the driver or team then the replacement engine will be supplied at no cost. An impressive feature is that the series has always been won using the same engine from the first to the last race.


Michelin 312 tyres are controlled, Tyre barcodes are recorded and tyres are marked to clearly to signify which car the tyres are issued to. Each car is allocated a maximum number of tyres to use through the series, currently the limit is set at 15 sets of slicks and 3 sets of wets.

Spare Parts

CTRS has a comprehensive mobile parts operation at every event to supply teams with any new part as and when required. 

Technical Support

CTRS teams are supported by experienced Toyota Racing mechanical and data engineers who will assist teams with any technical issue that arises. CTRS also has authorised carbon fibre repairers onsite to make small repairs as required.

Interested to compete?

Please contact Toyota Racing Management if you are interested to compete in the next CTRS.

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