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Rutherford & Bond Toyota

Time to Choose Hybrid?

After nearly two decades, hybrid vehicles have become part of the everyday lives of New Zealander’s. Spoilt for choice in today’s vehicle market, understanding hybrid technology can become a little overwhelming.

Whether you are thinking about a hybrid for your next vehicle purchase or you simply want to learn more, you have come to the right place! Read on to learn more about how Hybrid technology really works.


Why should I consider a Hybrid Vehicle?

By choosing hybrid, you will not only save on petrol costs, but you will reduce your personal CO2 emissions! The running cost of a hybrid is much lower than a petrol or diesel vehicle as you are using electricity alongside fuel. As petrol prices keep rising, the savings of owning a hybrid will only get higher. If you care about your impact on the environment, hybrid vehicles are kinder to the planet, too.


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Which Toyota Hybrid Vehicle is right for me?

HEV: Hybrid Electric Vehicle
With two sources of power (petrol and electric), an HEV automatically switches between petrol, EV and combined mode to give the best fuel consumption and power. Your HEV self-charges through regenerative braking while you are driving, which is why it does not have a charging port.

PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
With a larger electric battery, a PHEV can be plugged in to charge and give up to 50km driving using only the battery. Once the battery has been used, the vehicle automatically switches into HEV mode and uses petrol, meaning you won’t get caught short. Like an HEV, a PHEV has two sources of power, automatically switching between modes based on the driving conditions.



How do I know if a hybrid vehicle is using its motor, petrol engine, or both?

A hybrid will automatically switch between power modes based on the driving conditions. If you are heavily accelerating, driving uphill or quickly, your hybrid will use more petrol. If you are cruising in a flat urban area or slow traffic, your hybrid will use mainly electric power. The information display of your vehicle will also show what power source is being used.



What is regenerative braking?

One way Toyota Hybrids recharge their electric battery is through regenerative braking. While braking, hybrid vehicles take the kinetic energy from your vehicle and converts it into electricity, effectively charging the Hybrid battery while you brake.



What are the different hybrid drive modes for?

Toyota hybrid vehicles have four driving modes for optimum fuel efficiency and performance: normal, eco, power and EV. A hybrid will use normal mode as its standard mode of getting around. In normal mode, the vehicle provides a balanced approach to fuel consumption and available power. This is great for everyday driving. To save more fuel, eco mode improves efficiency by reducing aircon output and limiting power for acceleration. When you need more performance, power mode gives better acceleration but will use more fuel. In EV mode, a hybrid will only use electricity and is mostly used for short trips in urban areas.


How long do High Voltage Hybrid Batteries last?

Great news! All Toyota Hybrid vehicles first registered in New Zealand come with our New Vehicle High Voltage Hybrid Battery Warranty that covers this battery for up to 160,000kms or 8 years, which ever comes first.


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Thinking about going Hybrid for your next vehicle?

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