Kiwi Driver Fund

Launched in the 2015 season the Kiwi Driver Fund was created to address concerns about the ability of our local drivers to achieve and maintain the level of funding required to compete at the highest level. There are many instances where the potential of kiwi talent may not be realised because they cannot raise the necessary funding. Kiwi Driver Fund is managed by five trustees who review applications for funding and make annual grants.


Kiwi Driver Fund - Mission

The objective of the fund is to give qualifying kiwi drivers a funding ‘kick-start’ by covering some of their cost to compete in the Castrol Toyota Racing Series and hopefully find New Zealand’s next world champions. Applicants are required to submit a full resume and plan for their future careers as well as demonstrate a high level of communication skills. The are expected to have most of their funding and team in place with the Kiw Driver Fund supplementing this as a boost to their careers.


How can I support this initiative?

The Kiwi Driv er Fund relies on fundraising to help our promising young drivers take the first big step of their careers. Entry in to the Toyota Racing Series gives them a benchmark against top international competitors and they make contact with international teams and agents. TRS has helped many young New Zealanders on to the international stage. To do this work we need to raise the money to support this initiative – we rely on donations from individuals and companies. If you want to join the contributor family at any level and support this work please contact us and we will be happy to talk.

Drivers who wish to apply should email for more information, to register their interest and to receive application forms.


Kiwi Driver Fund


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