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Signature Class Offer


Right now with every Signature Class vehicle choose 2 years extra warranty or 2 years of free servicing. Further, financing your vehicle has never been more attractive with our 7.25% finance rate for 36 months on all Signature Class vehicles. So, now you can achieve financial and motoring peace of mind at the same time!


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Get the 2016 Highlander GXL AWD from $44,990

All Highlanders, including the AWD GXL are fitted with powerful 3.5 litre petrol V6 engines, making this mid-size SUV a thoroughly usable lifestyle vehicle and the perfect towing partner.

  • Odometer range between 40,000-50,000km
  • Automatic petrol 3.5L engine

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Get the 2017 Corolla Hatch GLX from $24,990

The Toyota Corolla Hatch isn’t just sporty, economical and great around town. It’s also a Toyota, so it’s renowned for safety, reliability, and quality engineering.

  • Odometer range between 20,000-25,000km
  • CVT petrol 1.8L engine

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