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What innovation looks like at Toyota


A big part of Toyota's innovation is the development of alternative energy in its products. That is, hydrogen, diesel, electric, fuel cell's, etc. Read below to find out why.

The numbers drive home the stakes

By 2035, there will be an estimated 1.6 billion cars on the road throughout the world.

If every one of these cars was fuelled by a gas engine, C02 emissions could reach an estimated 8.2 billion metric tons per year.

Yet it’s been estimated that if every one of those cars was powered by hybrid technology, combining an electric motor with a gas engine, those emissions could be cut nearly in half.

Scientists today can agree that reducing gas consumption and relying on alternative fuel technology are critical to reducing greenhouse emissions and stabilising the climate.

At the core of the latest advances is hybrid technology, which forms the foundation for next-generation cars powered by electricity, hydrogen and biofuels.

The Evolution of Greener Cars: A Timeline

Sustainability at Toyota New Zealand

As a trusted brand, we are in a privileged position to influence New Zealand’s society positively. TNZ has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, and recognise we have a large environmental and social footprint. Addressing our impacts presents an equally large opportunity to contribute to the change we want to see, and to influence and raise the performance across the wider motor industry and its supply chain.

Driving Innovation

We don't just want to move people, we want to enrich their lives. Because by creating the safest and most responsible ways of getting people around, we'll help make the world a truly better place.

For over 85 years, Toyota's innovations continue to make people's lives easier. But as far as we've come, there's still so much we can do. With our eyes to the future, we're setting our sights on an even greater mission: helping to give all of humankind the freedom to move.

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