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Prius Features

After almost twenty years of shaping the world view on alternative energy vehicles, and more than 8 million global sales, Prius is setting out to change the world again. 

The Prius serves as a hallmark for the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), an initiative designed to push the boundries of development and design.


All the bells and whistles

The 7” touchscreen display audio also displays reversing camera image with moving dynamic backing guide lines, Bluetooth handsfree phone capability and audio streaming. All Prius Hatch models feature a JBL Audio System with 10 speakers, designed to enhance sound throughout the cabin. 

Prius Hatch SX and the ZR models feature Satellite navigation system with SUNA traffic channel. SUNA Traffic Channel broadcasts real-time traffic information directly to a compatible navigation system, keeping the driver informed of adverse traffic conditions ahead and suggesting alternative routes to avoid congestion.

SUNA available in major metro cities.

Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense is a package of active safety systems designed to keep you and your passengers protected in all types of traffic. Around town and at lower speeds Toyota Safety Sense can help prevent collisions, while on the open road and at higher speeds it aims to reduce the severity of any impact by supporting your awareness and decision-making with leading safety technology.


Pre-Crash Safety System (PCS)

If the Pre-Crash Safety System determines the possibility of collision is imminent, the driver is alerted with audio and visual warnings. The system may also provide additional braking force using Brake Assist. If the driver does not brake in time the system may automatically apply the brakes in order to prevent or alleviate a collision.


Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

If the Lane Departure Alert detects that the vehicle is starting to deviate from its lane without an indicator being applied the system will alert the driver with audio and visual warnings. The driver can then assess the situation and take corrective action.


Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control adds a vehicle-to-vehicle distance command mode on top of the regular cruise control system. This keeps you at a pre-set distance from the preceding vehicle. The system will then respond to changes in the speed of the vehicle ahead in order to help maintain the vehicle-to-vehicle distance set by the driver. 


Automatic High Beam (AHB)

The Automatic High Beam is designed to optimize driving visibility at night without dazzling other drivers. A camera detects the lights of oncoming and preceding vehicles. The system will switch automatically between high and low beam for enhanced visibility which may advance detection of any obstacles for a safer drive.


Colour Head Up Display (HUD)

One button push is all it takes to activate Prius' impressive HUD system. Use it to check out the vehicle's speed and Hybrid System Indicator information, which is projected onto the inside of your windscreen. HUD is both height and intensity adjustable, for comfortable referencing day or night, no matter how tall you are.


Getting you further for less

Acheiving 3.4L* fuel economy (/100km combined) or 3.5L* (/100km extra-urban motorway) of driving in the ADR 81/02 (Australian Design Rules) was no easy task. It involved the creation of a vehicle that actively favours electricity over gas whenever possible, and yet can use both in perfect harmony to perfectly match the desires and needs of the driver.

 *Fuel Consumption figures are tested under controlled conditions and are provided for comparison purposes, actual results will vary according to vehicle usage and operating conditions. 

Interior beauty


The Prius has been designed with ultimate driver and passenger comforts in mind. From steering wheel switches, to audio screens, safety features and rear seat comfort, the Prius Hatch has you covered.

Making sure the driver can access all aspects of the vehicle’s comfort, convenience and trip information while maintaining concentration on the road ahead is a complex task, but the Prius matches it.

In addition to the streamlined design, you can also scroll through Multi-Information Display (MID) touchscreen options from the 4-way MID controls on the Prius’ steering wheel.

For customers with a Qi wireless charging device, there is a handy charging panel. Just place your device on the pad, and your device will charge automatically (iPhone shown above as reference only.)

From here you can modify convenience settings such as air conditioning system preferences, audio settings and the energy consumption details of your journey.