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Petrol Glass Van

Manual 2 seat RSP


Automatic 2 seat RSP


Diesel Half Panel Van

Automatic 5 seat RSP


Diesel Glass Van

Manual 2 seat RSP


Manual 5 seat RSP


Automatic 2 Seat RSP


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Want it moved? Trust Hiace.

The Hiace ZL’s interior is as cavernous as it is clever. The intelligently designed layout helps you to maximise the number and size of items you can carry...

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A reversing camera at eye-level

The average busy Hiace driver looks in their rear view mirror hundreds of times a day. That’s why Hiace has its full-colour reversing camera where it feels right – at eye-level...

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Arrange it your way

No two loads are the same, which is why Hiace allows you to rearrange the seating in a number of easily-swappable configurations...

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