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Hiace Minibus Features

Hiace is another word for reliable in New Zealand. Built tough, but with stylish, modern looks, it has the capacity other vans can only dream about. From couriers to schools, builders, to large families, small businesses to sports teams, the versatile Hiace range can help you do what you want, when you want. 


More space up front

The layout of the Hiace range includes 2-seats in the front row. This leaves ample space for a larger central console area – perfect for laying out your work, leaving your clipboard or scanner, or just having a bit of lunch.

The importance of stability

Now standard in all Hiace models, VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) helps you correct a loss of control by detecting if the vehicle is starting to skid or slide. By comparing the vehicle's direction of travel with your steering, acceleration and braking inputs it can tell if you are deviating from the intended direction. VSC then warns you, reduces engine power and controls the brakes to help you correct the situation.


Room for 11 and their luggage

Hiace Minibus has comfortable seating for 11 passengers. If there’s also a lot of luggage to carry you’ll find ample storage space for bags underneath the seats, which can be easily accessed.


A reversing camera at eye-level

The average busy Hiace driver looks in their rear view mirror tens, or even hundreds of times a day. That’s why Hiace has its full-colour reversing camera where it feels right – at eye-level where your electrochromatic rear view mirror already sits. This image is activated the moment you put the Hiace in reverse gear, allowing you to get on with the driving without worrying about where to look.


Starting on hills made easy

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) is there to assist the driver when starting on steep hills, and is particularly helpful on low-traction and off road surfaces. HAC prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards by applying the brakes for a short time after the brake pedal is released. The driver can then move their foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal without worrying that the vehicle will roll back.