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Prius Prime 5 Seats


Prius Prime combines the attributes of the popular Prius, with the added capability of plug-in charging for greater EV driving range.


Strikingly electric design paired with unparalleled technology, the Prius Prime is the must have efficiency expert.


Charge Ahead

At the heart of the Prime’s improved performance is a lithium-ion battery at 8.8 kWh. The battery can be charged in approximately four hours and thirty minutes with a standard household plug socket and a type 2 cable.

With the added convenience of charge scheduling, you are able to schedule your charge in advance to take advantage of electricity rates and work around the needs of your lifestyle. When the EV range is depleted, Prius Prime will automatically switch from EV mode and become an ultra-efficient in hybrid mode, to ensure you get where you are going without relying on charge stations.

Prius Prime includes an 8 year or 160,000km hybrid battery warranty, whichever comes first, giving the buyer further piece of mind.


Intelligent Parking Assist

Need a hand parallel parking? Prius Prime has you covered with Intelligent Parking Assist. When the Intelligent Parking Assist System is activated, it calculates the optimum parallel or reverse park steering angles and then interfaces with the Electric Power Steering system to guide the car into your chosen parking spot.


Exceptional Exterior Design

Prius Prime adopts unique exterior detailing that lets it stand out from the pack. Aerodynamic styling has been used on the Prius Prime for a drag co-efficient of 0.25. Prime specific exterior features include compact 4-projector LED headlights, which have which have an Adaptive High-beam System and low rolling resistance 195/65R15 tyres on alloy wheels.

The distinctive, edgier looking design includes an automatic grille shutter to lower air resistance when closed and shorten engine warm-up time, underbody covers to smooth the air flow, a ‘double bubble’ rear windscreen and aero stabiliser fins built into the rear light clusters.

The tailgate of the Prius Prime is made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic to reduce weight – a world first for a production car – and improve efficiency.


All Tech, All the Time

There is plenty of technology on-board the Prius Prime. Much of it is working quietly in the background to ensure you are delivered the most efficient and safe driving experience possible.

Prius Prime features an Adaptive High-beam System that is designed to help improve forward visibility when driving at night by making maximum use of the high beam headlights. The system uses a camera to detect the headlights and taillights of vehicles ahead, or bright environments such as city streets, and automatically controls the distribution of light from the headlights as necessary to avoid dazzling other drivers.

The Prime is the first in our range to get Road Sign Assist, which monitors road signs using a camera and then displays useful information such as the current speed limit to the driver via the multi-information display. The system also provides an audio and visual alert if the vehicle speed exceeds the posted limit.


Infomation At Your Fingertips

Making sure the driver can access all aspects of the vehicle’s comfort, convenience and trip information while maintaining concentration on the road ahead is a complex task, but the Prius Prime matches it.

In addition to the streamlined design, you can also scroll through the Multi-Information Display touchscreen options from the controls on the Prius’ steering wheel. The information displayed includes the charge status of the vehicle, the EV range, energy monitor details, driving style intelligence and the current and average fuel consumption.

All new Toyota vehicles purchased from an Authorised Toyota Store qualify for the Service Advantage package. Included in this package is a price guarantee for the first four years or 60,000 kilometres* of scheduled servicing.

Your Service Advantage capped price servicing costs for the Prius Prime 5 Seats is set at:

Service Advantage capped price servicing charges displayed here are subject to change. For your specific contract details refer to your Service Advantage contract. *Whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions.
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