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Hiace ZL Glass Van 2 Seater


Whether it’s short haul city deliveries or carrying large bulky items long distances, the Hiace ZL have a deserved reputation as New Zealand's most reliable business workhorse.


Hiace is another word for reliable in New Zealand. Built tough, but with stylish, modern looks, it has the kind of capacity other vans can only dream about.


A reversing camera at eye level

The average busy Hiace driver looks in their rear view mirror hundreds of times a day. That’s why Hiace has its full-colour reversing camera where it feels right – at eye-level where your electrochromatic rear view mirror already sits. This image is activated the moment you put the Hiace in reverse gear, allowing you to get on with the driving without worrying about where to look.


The importance of stability

Standard in all Hiace models VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) helps you correct a loss of control by detecting if the vehicle is starting to skid or slide. By comparing the vehicle's direction of travel with your steering, acceleration and braking inputs it can tell if you are deviating from the intended direction. VSC then warns you, reduces engine power and controls the brakes to help you correct the situation.


Space for any trade

Hiace reaps the benefits of its large capacity carrying abilities, giving the bulk of interior space to the tools of trade that keep Kiwi businesses moving. There is plenty of usable space for anything from boxes to building supplies, pot plants to plumbing gear. With load space in the ZL models measuring 2930mm length/1545mm width/1335mm height, the Hiace provides a spacious 6.0m3 interior to fill with whatever is crucial to your working week or weekend.


Want it moved? Trust Hiace.

The Hiace ZL’s interior is as cavernous as it is clever. The intelligently designed layout helps you to maximize the number and size of items you can carry, while making short work of deliveries, drop-offs or removals. The combination of a wide opening rear and sliding side doors means you can easily reach any items you are moving.

Reliability Record

The Hiace line-up is world famous for its reliability record; reassuring when you drive for a living and being off the road due to mechanical problems isn’t an option. It all starts with the Hiace ZL: an efficient and practically packaged van that just gets on with the job at hand, so you can get on with yours.

Augmented by half-panel van body style, the recognisable exterior shape of the Hiace lends itself to promotional signage.

All new Toyota vehicles purchased from an Authorised Toyota Store qualify for the Service Advantage package. Included in this package is a price guarantee for the first four years or 60,000 kilometres* of scheduled servicing.

Your Service Advantage capped price servicing costs for the Hiace ZL Glass Van 2 Seater is set at:

Service Advantage capped price servicing charges displayed here are subject to change. For your specific contract details refer to your Service Advantage contract. *Whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions.
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