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With ample interior space, an easy entry-and-exit sliding door and seating for 12, the Hiace Minibus can take your team, family or club wherever you want to go, with ease.


Hiace is another word for reliable in New Zealand. Built tough, but with stylish, modern looks, it has the kind of capacity other vans can only dream about.


A reversing camera at eye level

The average busy Hiace driver looks in their rear view mirror hundreds of times a day. That’s why Hiace has its full-colour reversing camera where it feels right – at eye-level where your electrochromatic rear view mirror already sits. This image is activated the moment you put the Hiace in reverse gear, allowing you to get on with the driving without worrying about where to look.


The importance of stability

Standard in all Hiace models VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) helps you correct a loss of control by detecting if the vehicle is starting to skid or slide. By comparing the vehicle's direction of travel with your steering, acceleration and braking inputs it can tell if you are deviating from the intended direction. VSC then warns you, reduces engine power and controls the brakes to help you correct the situation.


Travel in Numbers

Need to get colleagues, the sports team or the extended family somewhere safely and comfortably? The popular and practical Minibus is the proven vehicle for the job. With individual seats for all 12 occupants, wide-opening doors for easy access and the powerful 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine taking care of the hard work, the Hiace Minibus remains the best way to travel in numbers.


Interior Comfort

Interior comfort is paramount for happy, relaxed passengers - cool air is delivered through ceiling vents. Passengers travel in comfort and safety thanks to all seats having 3-point ELR seat belts. Hiace Minibus also features 3 Tether Anchors and 3 ISOFIX points.

Power through your day

Delivering plenty of power through with 300Nm 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine, the Hiace Minibus has more than enough grunt for any task, even with a full load of people.

Thanks to EURO 5 emissions compliancy, Hiace is a clean performer as well as a reliable one, with an engine specifically designed to cope with the stresses of long running hours demanded by commercial and recreational operators.

All new Toyota vehicles purchased from an Authorised Toyota Store qualify for the Service Advantage package. Included in this package is a price guarantee for the first four years or 60,000 kilometres* of scheduled servicing.

Your Service Advantage capped price servicing costs for the Hiace Minibus is set at:

Service Advantage capped price servicing charges displayed here are subject to change. For your specific contract details refer to your Service Advantage contract. *Whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions.
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