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America’s Cup Emirates Team New Zealand

From the first fibreglass boat 32 years ago to the cyclors in Bermuda, New Zealand’s America’s Cup record has been one of innovation.

And that innovation is set to continue in 2021 with 75-foot foiling monohulls. As a major sponsor of Emirates Team NZ for the past 28 years, Toyota is set to continue celebrating those stories of Kiwi innovation, guts, catastrophe, courage and ultimately belief.

In Crazy We Believe

What will it take for us to defend the America’s Cup in one year’s time? The same thing that won it last time - a dash of crazy.

In Crazy We Believe - KZ7 1987 & the 'Glass Boat'

When we raced the plastic KZ7 in 1987, they called us cheats. We weren’t, just crazy good. It’s how we roll.

In Crazy We Believe - KZ1 New Classes & Court Controversies

People thought it was madness to compete in such a giant boat. Sure, we didn’t win. But we did change the game.

In Crazy We Believe - NZL20 Innovations That Didn't Work

The red sled, the skiff on steroids… it was a bit crazy, but whatever you called it, you couldn’t ignore it.

In Crazy We Believe - NZL32 (Black Magic) Successful Team Design

Black Magic was the first boat designed around the needs of the crew. Blindingly obvious now, but a crazy thought then.

In Crazy We Believe - NZL82 Broken Mast

NZL82 will always remembered for a broken mast and “Hula” hull design. But when you innovate, it’s crazy what you learn.

In Crazy We Believe - NZL2 Foiling

The new defenders changed the boats. So our team changed the game. Crazy.

In Crazy We Believe - NZL5 Cyclors

To win the 2017 America’s Cup we needed to use our heads. And ended up using our thighs.

A celebration of all the crazy ideas that have given us so much success throughout our America’s Cup history.

The crazy idea of imagining a catamaran as a foiling yacht. Putting cyclists on a boat. Or reimagining what a single hull yacht can even do in 2020.

The ideas that are a bit crazy.

And while it’s daring and fun, it also says a lot about us as Kiwis. We’re wired different. We lean in to risk, innovate as a matter of necessity, and take chances as a matter of habit.

It sets us apart from the world. Which is why we often end up beating it. In crazy we believe. We’d be mad not to.

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Toyota backs the 2021 America’s Cup defence

Toyota will continue its support for Emirates Team New Zealand for the America’s Cup defence on the Waitemata Harbour in March 2021. New Zealand’s largest motor vehicle importer and distributor is also Emirates Team New Zealand’s most loyal...

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Team New Zealand is really “Humming along”

Kiwi singer-songwriter and Toyota New Zealand ambassador, Jason Kerrison, has released a song – Humming along - to celebrate Emirates Team New Zealand’s victory in the America’s Cup. The female vocals were done by Betty Anne Monga from Ardijah and...

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