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A more comfortable commute



Music and podcasts are great ways to unwind, relax or take your mind off the traffic – so making sure your vehicle has a quality sound system is a great idea. One tip: always check the speed of Bluetooth connectivity to your phone's music-player – faster is definitely better.

Engine size and efficiency

With the cost of fuel top of many people's minds these days, engine efficiency and size are important considerations. Small was often considered the way to go if you regularly drive in 'stop-start' areas like the inner city, while larger engines were long considered superior for motorway driving.

However, the 'engine size' game has changed recently with the increasing take-up of hybrids. A now well-proven technology, they offer the best of both worlds, as they are efficient, but also have a lot of torque – especially from a standing start – where the electric drive chain really comes into its own. They're also renowned for their reduced environmental impact. And if you're driving regularly, the reduction in fuel can pay off the slightly higher price difference very quickly.

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Driving technology

Blind spot monitoring, distance monitors and automatic braking are all important ways your vehicle can do its part to make your drive smoother and safer than ever before.

Driver comfort and interiors

The longer your commute, the more driver comfort matters. To this end, vehicles built for long distance commutes (anything over 100km a day classifies as 'long') can be very comfortable indeed. The choice of interior comforts is broad, with heated driver seats and electric, automatic posture adjustments available at the luxury end of the spectrum. And of course, your body shape can seriously affect your comfort. Small cars are great, unless you're particularly tall, in which case a bit of extra room to stretch out is a must.


Air quality

If you suffer from asthma, or spend a lot of time driving in the inner city, then quality pollen and pollution filters are a must-have. You might also want to check out the air con settings for the driver. Can you isolate the driver from the rest of the vehicle? The more you can regulate the temperature to suit you, the better.

Reliably does it

Our most sage 'comfortable commuter' advice: take your time when choosing your car – and above all make sure you go for something reliable. Happy commuting!

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