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Toyota New Zealand proudly lends its support with one aim: growing and supporting the best of New Zealand life.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing New Zealand

Finding New Zealand’s Next World Champion.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing New Zealand is committed to developing and nurturing New Zealand’s next generation of world-class drivers. Combining the latest innovations in motorsport engineering, technology and safety features, with the natural driving talent of our aspiring Kiwi drivers, we aim to provide them with the best possible preparation for intense competition on the global stage. Because we believe our drivers can beat the world.

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Department of Conservation

Toyota New Zealand and DOC’s new partnership will inspire a new generation to love their patch of
New Zealand by creating Kiwi Guardians.

There are plenty of reasons to get into the great outdoors, but with so many digital toys available, kids are spending more time inside. This year, Toyota New Zealand and the Department of Conservation are working together to get kids into nature. We want them to explore their natural surroundings, earn rewards and take action in their communities towards creating a better environment.

Become a Kiwi Guardian

Toyota Kiwi Guardians

Parenting Place

Parenting Place - Family JourneysToyota has been a long term supporter of the Parenting Place. It's a partnership that has had a positive impact on families across New Zealand. Together with the Parenting Place, we've now launched Toyota Family Journeys. Tips, tools and inspiration to help Kiwi parents navigate the twists and turns of family life - in the car. It's all about believing in a better future for our children.

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Emirates Team New Zealand


With a partnership nearing three-decades long, Toyota New Zealand’s support for Emirates Team New Zealand has become synonymous for belief in the team.

The launch of Emirates Team New Zealand’s first boat for the 2021 campaign marks 28 years since Toyota climbed on board as a major sponsor of a team that has always believed in extending itself through innovation.

From the first ‘plastic fantastic’ boats of 1992 sailing against Denis Connor to the ‘cyclor’ powered AC50 catamaran of 2017, Emirates Team New Zealand has always found a way to innovate, no matter how crazy the idea may have seemed to rival teams, the yachting fraternity or the public.

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