Your Toyota

Your Authorised Toyota Dealer isn't just there to help you purchase the right vehicle, or service the one you have.

It's way more than that. We have something called our 'Customer Promise'. It's a bit like a mantra we say to ourselves. Basically it says that we'll undertake to look after any customer with a Toyota, Lexus or Daihatsu badge. Even if you've purchased a Toyota overseas and imported it privately to New Zealand we'll do our best to exceed your expectations.

Say there's a safety problem with a certain type of vehicle. It's very rare, but it can happen. In that case we'll make every effort to contact you directly. And even go so far as to issue public statements to encourage you to contact us to have the problem rectified.

We'll then fix the problem at no cost, even if the vehicle was a used import. It's just the way we do things at Toyota.