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Single Cab Chassis SR Diesel (Tray not included)

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The foundation stone of the dependable Hilux we have come to love, this is the classic 4WD workhorse. Setting you up with the bare essentials, this go-anywhere 4WD ute is ready for you to add your own personal specification with a tray design to suit your needs.

Extra Cab Chassis SR Ute Diesel (Tray not included)

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Want the hardworking, durable Hilux with a little bit extra? The Extra Cab Chassis will take a handsome load on the tray and four people inside. Leave some passengers at home and there’s space for precious items locked up in the cab. Extra Cab now features reversed hinged doors for easy access to the rear seats.

Extra Cab SR Ute Diesel

Manual RSP


There’s plenty of space and specification for your workday or your weekend and when we say extra, that’s exactly what we mean; extra storage, extra comfort and extra emphasis on the important everyday luxuries of a truck.

Perfect load height

Need to move around the toolbox? The 4WD Hilux Extra Cab has the perfect loading height...

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Work to weekend - made easy.

The Extra and Single Cab Chassis models are classic workhorses that are the most adaptable...

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Powered by the new flexible and efficient 2.8L turbo diesel - welcome to the most refined Hilux engine yet...

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